Evil Incorporated [1.4.2]

Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Picture 1
Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Picture 2
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Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Picture 4
Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Picture 5
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Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Thumb 2
Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Thumb 3
Evil Incorporated [1.4.2] - Thumb 4
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Game Information

  • Year Released: 2015
  • Date Released: 5th May 2015
  • Genres: Adventure Mind control RPG Slave
  • Censored: no
  • Developer/Publisher: rrod424
  • Game Language: EnglishEnglish
  • Interface Language: EnglishEnglish
  • Voiceover Language: NoneNone
  • Description: The story has a Sci-Fi theme and is set in a parallel universe where a meteor hit the planet years ago and it gave birth to a race of super humans. Your characters name is Steven Wolf and you were head of R&D at AEON, the leading weapons manufacturer in the world. One day you and your team was working on a device and suddenly an event occurs that ends up killing your team and putting you into a coma. Upon waking you realize who must of done it and decide you must have revenge! Unfortunately the killer is currently hiding with the Justice Force, a team of super humans that have teamed up to fight evil. Knowing that the killer is untouchable while working for the JF, you decide the only plan of attack is to join the opposition and bring them all down. And you know just the man to help you with your plan.....Muawhahahahaha!
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 206.01 MB
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