Gokuin no Sentou

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Game Information

  • Year Released: 2011
  • Genres: 69 Anal Sex Anilingus Blowjob Body Modifications Bondage Bukkake Cunnilingus Demons Double Penetration Femdom Gangbang Guro Incest Mind Break Monsters Mystic Office Lady Peeing Rape Tentacles Titsjob/Titfuck Toys Virgin
  • Censored: yes
  • Developer/Publisher: Black Cyc
  • Game Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Interface Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Voiceover Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Description: Taking a routine tour of his sister's workplace, Mitsuya Harunobu expected the day to be friendly and funny - not a desperate struggle to survive. The voice that echoed in his head was cold and angry, "Only the one with the strongest desire is to earn freedom." In the passing of one instant, the gleaming corporate tower was reborn into a sadistic hellish prison: an unknowably malevolent force took control of the building and almost damaged the human inside. Rape. Torture. Murder. They were now normality. Somehow unaffected by a supernatural entity, Harunobu's determined sister would be able to escape the incomprehensible nightmares safe and sound - even if Harunobu would sacrifice himself in the process.
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 1.70 GB
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