Harem Protagonist [InProgress, Demo]

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Harem Protagonist [InProgress, Demo] - Thumb 1

Game Information

  • Year Released: 2018
  • Date Released: 21st July 2018
  • Genres: Adventure Big Tits/Big Breasts Harem Male protagonist Unity
  • Censored: No
  • Developer/Publisher: Starbeam (Kickstarter)
  • Game Language: EnglishEnglish
  • Interface Language: EnglishEnglish
  • Voiceover Language: NoneNone
  • Description: Our story begins with you being born into a new and fresh Harem show. You are the main character, and, oddly enough, you understand this. With the help of the "Storyteller" - a semi-ubiquitous voice that only you can hear (because you have preemptive privileges), you've now won the hearts of a few hot chicks. Let's just hope you're good enough for the task. Handling so many lovers will be a challenge!
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 125.66 MB
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