Josou Gakuen (No~Strike)

Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Picture 1
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Picture 2
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Picture 3
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Picture 4
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Thumb 1
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Thumb 2
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Thumb 3
Josou Gakuen (No~Strike) - Thumb 4

Game Information

  • Year Released: 2016
  • Date Released: 26th August 2016
  • Genres: Blowjob Crossdressing Harem Only Trap Heroines Pregnant School Teacher Toys Trap Yaoi anal
  • Censored: Yes
  • Developer/Publisher: No~Strike deleted
  • Game Language: JapaneseJapanese EnglishEnglish
  • Interface Language: JapaneseJapanese EnglishEnglish
  • Voiceover Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Description: In the distant future, women are scarce and the birth rate of women is low. To defeat the low birth rate, the government is secretly initiating a "cross-dresser pregnancy project". The project is to select cross dressers who have the right potential as a mate and make their pregnancy legally binding.
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 1.12 GB
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