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Lust Hero -All Women Are Mine!-

Lust Hero -All Women Are Mine!- - Picture 1
Lust Hero -All Women Are Mine!- - Thumb 1

Game Information

  • Year Released: 2015
  • Date Released: 25th September 2015
  • Genres: Breast Sex/Titsjob Bukkake Fairy Fantasy Internal Cumshot/Creampie Monster Girl jRPG
  • Censored: Yes
  • Developer/Publisher: pumpkin (パンプキン)
  • Game Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Interface Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Voiceover Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Description: And here we have yet another jRPG game that will please your need for harem buildup and hentai enjoyment with various babes in a world of fantasy play. The gameplay of Lust Hero will please all your needs when it comes to sex gaming. It has a nice balance between challenging gameplay and erotic rewards. You will play as your avatar in a village filled with hot babes. What I love about the characters in this game is that they are all different. They look different and they act different. Each of them is based on a different theme. Some of them are based on monsters, some on zombies and some on succubuses. And you’re going to love them all. They have different personalities and ways in which they will repay you for the help you land them. You will have to complete quests in this game and help the babes defeat the forces of evil. The game comes with an open map, filled with different environments and places where you can seek adventure. And when you want to chase that booty and the pussy, you can just go at the Inn, in the center of the map. It’s there where your naughty hentai dreams will come true. It’s there where you can access, manage and fuck your harem of hot monster babes. Hero Lust is coming to you and all the other visitors of our site. And it’s completely free. You can enjoy it right now, no matter if you want to play it on a computer or on mobile.
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 64.20 MB
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