Nikutsubo Gakkyuu

Nikutsubo Gakkyuu - Picture 1
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Nikutsubo Gakkyuu - Thumb 3
Nikutsubo Gakkyuu - Thumb 4
Nikutsubo Gakkyuu - Thumb 5
Nikutsubo Gakkyuu - Thumb 6
Nikutsubo Gakkyuu - Thumb 7

Game Information

  • Year Released: 2016
  • Date Released: 30th September 2016
  • Genres: BDSM Big Tits/Big Breasts Blowjob Crossdressing Group Sex Harem Netori Paizuri Reverse Trap Heroine Saimin School Teacher
  • Censored: Yes
  • Developer/Publisher: Potage
  • Game Language: JapaneseJapanese EnglishEnglish
  • Interface Language: JapaneseJapanese EnglishEnglish
  • Voiceover Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Description: The main character is an ordinary student in an ordinary school. He has a close friend who has an "erotic habit". This friend of Kazenagi Tsukasa. Perfect reputation and popularity regardless of gender. There are six girls around Tsukasa who are called "Tsukasa Girls". Compared to a friend, the protagonist only played a supporting role. Comforting himself, he led such a life from day to day. But one day he opens a mysterious luggage that came to the wrong addressee. A syringe, a mysterious medicine bottle, handcuffs, an abduction manual, confinement and restraint tools such as a hypnotic device... On the back of the box, "Power Training Kit" was written. The hero thought about sending the luggage to the police. But he gets a photo from Tsukasa in the mail. Seeing his contented face surrounded by a harem, blackness begins to creep into the heart of the hero. This herd obeys only Tsukasa. "What if this harem is mine..."
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 753.27 MB
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