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Touma Senki Ikeikeporori

Touma Senki Ikeikeporori - Picture 1
Touma Senki Ikeikeporori - Picture 2
Touma Senki Ikeikeporori - Picture 3
Touma Senki Ikeikeporori - Thumb 1
Touma Senki Ikeikeporori - Thumb 2
Touma Senki Ikeikeporori - Thumb 3

Game Information

  • Year Released: 2013
  • Date Released: 7th January 2013
  • Genres: Fantasy Rape jRPG
  • Censored: yes
  • Developer/Publisher: Small fools, shou gusha (小愚者)
  • Game Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Interface Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Voiceover Language: JapaneseJapanese
  • Description: [Protect your crotch countries also!] Cross-border corps monster suddenly, I have invaded the kingdom. Our erotic monsters prowl To, the daughters also barely go out. - Battle of Magic securities swordsman! Porori or not the country will be deprived of it breaking agreement! Into monster begins here. [Will produce an item!] Most items of weapons, armor, and potions are not selling shop. "Recipe" noted "Material" is a raw material, synthetic methods. I found these, pass the craftsman Exclusive We'll have our production items. [No game over!] Except for some events, when defeat is returned to the town that was the last stop. Sortie I had to re-treatment care-naughty!
  • Files Amount: 1
  • Total Filesize: 74.16 MB
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